Bad Intentions Stage Two

For those wondering, this is what was coming next. . .may still one day. ¬†ūüėČ BI Stage two Story by Chris George & Jason Foster Page one Point of view from inside a car windshield. It‚Äôs night. We see the yellow lines of the highway passing under. A road sign is coming up. It reads… Continue reading Bad Intentions Stage Two

Rock N Roll Zombies

This was written around 03/04. ¬†guy named Michael Wulf was looking for a writer for this concept. ¬†I volunteered to give it a go. ¬†Had a good start on it, but had to stop due to some personal issues. ¬†I had offered to give it another go, but Michael seemed disinterested. ¬†Can’t blame him. ¬†Posted… Continue reading Rock N Roll Zombies


This was meant to be the beginning of a story involving some Tarantino type gangsters faced with the zombie apocalypse. ¬†wrote this about a decade ago. ¬†may still use it somewhere. ¬†although the idea itself no longer interests me. ¬†I’d still like to put it somewhere. We open on a reflection of a man’s face… Continue reading Packs

Marvel’s 50 State Initiative

couple of years back Marvel had an idea I really liked, the 50 State Initiative, spreading their massive amount of characters around the country instead of herding them all in New York. ¬†this was the list the last time I checked. ¬†it probably needs updating, though they seem to have abandoned the idea. shame, as… Continue reading Marvel’s 50 State Initiative

Midnight Sons treatment

this is kind of interesting. ¬†this is a treatment for Marvel’s various horror characters that I was working on back in Dec. of 2004. This is what I’ve got so far. No plot yet. Just a character list and some ideas. Midnight Sons Ghost Rider-John Blaze. hellfire shotgun. oh yeah. Brother Voodoo-Jericho Drumm. Jericho Drumm… Continue reading Midnight Sons treatment

various DCU ramblings and stuff

The Quintessence Shazam Zeus Highfather Phantom Stranger Ganthet what would their opposite number be? Mordru? Ares Darkseid ??? Krona   DCU magic teams: The Trenchcoat Brigade John Constantine Phantom Stranger Dr. Occult Mr. E Sentinels of Magic Deadman Dr. Occult Sebastian Faust Alan Scott Green Lantern Madame Xanadu Phantom Stranger Ragman Raven Zatanna Enchantress Blue… Continue reading various DCU ramblings and stuff

Good Company

This is a quickie I wrote for my friend, James Powell (a fantastic artist), a short while back. ¬†Enjoy. JF 2010 The evening had gone well. Dinner, music, some dancing. Though I’m not much of a dancer, she didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she’d seemed to pick up on it almost instinctively and had… Continue reading Good Company

The Orphan’s Graveyard

Fresh blood.¬† This is a completely new¬†tale inspired by a dream I had this morning.¬† wrote it up, like to read it, here it goes.¬†   The Orphan’s Graveyard by Jason Foster 10/23/2012 “Never walk home through the Orphan’s Graveyard.”¬† That’s what Papa always told us.¬† And we don’t.¬† Except for Mark.¬† “Aww, I ain’t… Continue reading The Orphan’s Graveyard


This is a little tale that I wrote the first draft of way back in 1995.¬† I added to it a little bit a couple of years ago.¬† Hope you like.¬† Smackeyjack by Jason Foster (VonGrimm) (1995, 2010) I am a little pumpkin, and I do my pumpkin dance. It’s the day of Halloween and… Continue reading SmackeyJack


Welcome to State of Fear Studios!¬† I will be posting some special stuff for your Halloween enjoyment!¬† Stay tuned, Fearians. . .   G