The Orphan’s Graveyard

Fresh blood.  This is a completely new tale inspired by a dream I had this morning.  wrote it up, like to read it, here it goes.    The Orphan’s Graveyard by Jason Foster 10/23/2012 “Never walk home through the Orphan’s Graveyard.”  That’s what Papa always told us.  And we don’t.  Except for Mark.  “Aww, I ain’t… Continue reading The Orphan’s Graveyard


This is a little tale that I wrote the first draft of way back in 1995.  I added to it a little bit a couple of years ago.  Hope you like.  Smackeyjack by Jason Foster (VonGrimm) (1995, 2010) I am a little pumpkin, and I do my pumpkin dance. It’s the day of Halloween and… Continue reading SmackeyJack


Welcome to State of Fear Studios!  I will be posting some special stuff for your Halloween enjoyment!  Stay tuned, Fearians. . .   G