Rock N Roll Zombies

This was written around 03/04.  guy named Michael Wulf was looking for a writer for this concept.  I volunteered to give it a go.  Had a good start on it, but had to stop due to some personal issues.  I had offered to give it another go, but Michael seemed disinterested.  Can’t blame him.  Posted here just for posterity.

From a story by Michael Wulf


It’s raining. We see a lone car in a parking lot as the woman inside struggles franticly to start the engine. It’s flooded and refuses to cooperate.

A leather boot heel crunches down on the pavement. The woman beats her hands down on the steering wheel and curses at the car. She looks over at the window as Gunnar’s undead face leers in at her smiling.

Gunnar: “It’s time to go, Christine. So stop fucking around.”

He rips the door open.

Title: Rock N Roll Zombies



Thunderkock is in mid-concert, blaring away at one of their songs. A beautiful blonde dances above the crowd in a skimpy outfit on a side stage. Gunnar (singer, lead guitar) holds the crowd in the palm of his hand, whipping them into a frenzy. One couple begins ripping each other’s clothes off and going at it right there in the concert hall.

As the concert builds to a climax, Gunnar produces a small handgun. He takes aim and shoots the blonde dancer. He turns and shoots the bassist. Then the rhythm guitarist, and finally the drummer. Turning back to the shocked crowd, he announces: “We are Thunderkock! Fuck you and have a bad night!” before shooting himself.

As his body falls backwards onto the stage, a blood red curtain drops, covering the area. The crowd erupts into applause.

Pg 4

“Did you hear that? They loved us!” Gunnar steps out of the showers, beaming while toweling off his hair.

“Fuck, man. This fake blood ruined my pants again! That’s the fourth pair this month! How’m I supposed to get any groupie action with this sticky crap all over my pants?” Johnny, the guitarist is bitching.

Gunnar: “It’s a small price to pay for fame, Johnny.” Gunnar kisses the blonde dancer, his girlfriend, still covered in fake blood from the show.

G: “I love a woman with brains.” He laughes as they pull apart.

Christine (laughing): “You’re sick! When do I get to clean up?”

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