This was meant to be the beginning of a story involving some Tarantino type gangsters faced with the zombie apocalypse.  wrote this about a decade ago.  may still use it somewhere.  although the idea itself no longer interests me.  I’d still like to put it somewhere.

We open on a reflection of a man’s face staring out a window. It is raining outside.

Caption: I hate the rain. It’s been raining for three days straight now.

Off panel voice: “Absorption of ideas into the mainstream, where they’re then re-interpreted. . .”

Caption: My cat came back last night. This was something of a shock to me as he’s been dead for over a week now. I woke up in the middle of the night to find him sitting on my chest, looking at me like I was cat chow. Half of his guts were hanging out and maggots were crawling all over him. I grabbed my gun off of the dresser and shot the little bastard in the head. Then I threw up.

Lightning flashes outside.

Second Off panel voice: “That certain people actually believe this to be real. For them, it IS real.”

First voice: “And that seems logical to you?”

Second voice: “It doesn’t matter if it’s logical to me or not. THEY believe it.”

First voice: “But it’s not real!”

Second voice: “It is to them! Logic is subjective. What’s acceptable behavior to people in wild Africa is completely different to people in New York. To think otherwise is what’s not logical. Look at it this way. You have your set of beliefs, right? They’re important to you. You want your beliefs respected.”

First voice: “Of course I do.”

Second voice: “Well they want the same thing.”

Caption: I hate the rain.

First voice: “Jeff! I said what do you think?”

Jeff turns away from the window, pulls the last cigarette out of the pack on the table and lights it.

Jeff: “I’ll tell you what I think,” he takes a long drag off of the cigarette and slowly exhales before continuing. “I think you bastards talk too damn much.”

He takes another drag from the cigarette.

Jeff: “Let’s get the fuck out of here. Place is starting to stink.”

The four men get up from the table, as we pull back we see they’re inside of a restaurant. As they leave, we see several bodies lying all over the floor. They are in various states of decomposition. They’ve all been shot in the head.

Caption: We rush out to the car in the manner that’s become all to common for us. As much as for not wanting to get wet as for. . .It’s too far for one person to make it alone.”

The men get in the car and drive off quickly. We see vague shapes in the distance lumbering towards where they used to be.


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