Der Nachtmenschen

By J. Foster and M.F. Troy Page 1 Splash page. Baroness Blood is surrounded by Baron Gestapo’s forces. BB has a defiant look on her face. Caption: Special Agent Griffin Reins reporting in. I have completed initial surveillance on group known as “Der Nachtmenschen.” Here is what I have discovered. Caption 2: The leader of… Continue reading Der Nachtmenschen

Shadow Ridge: Afterbirth

Page 1 Panel 1 Darkness. Caption: “I ain’t gonna lie to you, boy.” Panel 2 A small light appears in the midst of the darkness. Caption: “This is gonna hurt.” Panel 3 The light begins to grow larger. Caption: “A lot.” Page 2 Full page. The light is glowing huge now. Title: Shadow Ridge Chapter… Continue reading Shadow Ridge: Afterbirth

Working on the site

just playing around with some different themes and such.  not really happy with it so far.  gonna keep looking around until I find something I like.

The Red Ghost of Arizona

I saw this on an episode of Mysteries at the Museum last year.  the whole thing was fascinating, and I was reminded of it on the Texas episode of Ten Things You Don’t Know. . . I’ve been in a bit of a Western frame of mind recently, and I thought this would make for… Continue reading The Red Ghost of Arizona


digging up and working on an old story script from 1994. Opening scene. It is the middle 1800’s.  Outside of a half-ruined Germanic castle, which is situated at the top of a hill.  It is night and a storm is coming on.  At the foot of the hill, a young man in a tattered military… Continue reading Untitled

Arrow trading cards

TROY LOWE:Annie Oakley, Buster Crabbe’s Swimming Pool, Chick Spark, Bo (& friend), Danny Blaze FRANK STRYSIK:Nurse Betsy Crane MORT TODD:Winnie The Witch, Countess Von Bludd, (group card) Mr. Dedd & Impy (group card) Arachne, The Old Witch, The Sentinels JIM FRANKENSTEIN:Yellowjacket WILL MEIUGNIOT:Mercury Man, Nature Boy DAN TAYLOR:Countess Von Bludd CHRIS ECKER:Mr. Muscles MARK MARTIN:Jonnie… Continue reading Arrow trading cards

Thor in comics Thor bestows his powers upon Grant Farrel, believing the world needs a defender. Ditko’s “Hammer of Thor” Fairey Tales Fenton aka “Thor”  foe of the Golden Age Sandman Batman #127  Batman and Robin encounter Thor in Finger and Moldoff’s “Hammer of Thor” first depiction of Thor as blond?  1872 painting “Thor… Continue reading Thor in comics