digging up and working on an old story script from 1994. Opening scene. It is the middle 1800’s.  Outside of a half-ruined Germanic castle, which is situated at the top of a hill.  It is night and a storm is coming on.  At the foot of the hill, a young man in a tattered military… Continue reading Untitled

Arrow trading cards

TROY LOWE:Annie Oakley, Buster Crabbe’s Swimming Pool, Chick Spark, Bo (& friend), Danny Blaze FRANK STRYSIK:Nurse Betsy Crane MORT TODD:Winnie The Witch, Countess Von Bludd, (group card) Mr. Dedd & Impy (group card) Arachne, The Old Witch, The Sentinels JIM FRANKENSTEIN:Yellowjacket WILL MEIUGNIOT:Mercury Man, Nature Boy DAN TAYLOR:Countess Von Bludd CHRIS ECKER:Mr. Muscles MARK MARTIN:Jonnie… Continue reading Arrow trading cards