Midnight Sons treatment

this is kind of interesting.  this is a treatment for Marvel’s various horror characters that I was working on back in Dec. of 2004.

This is what I’ve got so far. No plot yet. Just a character list and some ideas.
Midnight Sons

Ghost Rider-John Blaze. hellfire shotgun. oh yeah.

Brother Voodoo-Jericho Drumm. Jericho Drumm is a mega hip hop star and producer.
Onstage, he resembles a cross between Screamin Jay Hawkins and Dr. Dre. Offstage,
Drumm generally lives a quiet life, practicing his religion. To the press he’s “Rap’s
Marilyn Manson” a freakshow and curiosity. Only the few people in his inner circle know
what’s real and what’s theatrics. Or so they think. Circumstances actually force Drumm’s
hand into bringing the Sons together. He acts as the group’s advisor, and in reality, is one
of their strongest members, although he rarely shows the full extent of his abilities.
Drumm also finances the group’s missions.

Werewolf by Night-Jack Russel. Jack is mostly at peace with his werewolf state, living
with his girlfriend, Topaz, who tends bar at the Body Orchard, a local hangout where the
supernatural types mix. Jack can mostly control his wolf state, although it’s difficulty
changes with the phases of the moon. The fuller the moon, the more savage and wolfen
he becomes. With the no moon phase, in fact, he’s most in control.

Blade-Completely obsessed by his mission, Blade originally turns down Drumm’s offer to
join the group. He is finally convinced by join by King, whom he barely tolerates. They
have a strong love/hate relationship. I’d like to hint that perhaps there’s some sort of
suicide pact between the two.

Hannibal King-Vampire detective. In his full P.I. gear. King uses his detective skills more
often than his vampiric abilities. King hates himself. Moreso than any of the other Sons.
It’s Drumm’s efforts and the promise of working with Blade again, to actually do some
good, that pull King out of his funk and inspire him into the group.

Michael Morbius-

Satana-Victoria Hellstorm. Daimon’s sister. Victoria is a singer in the gothic/industrial
subculture who also happens to be a succubus. She doesn’t get along with Daimon,
largely because the two of them are so much alike, that they can’t trust each other. She
joins the Sons more to piss off Daimon, than anything. She has occasionally performed on
stage with Drumm, and a past relationship has been hinted at. Joining the Sons also
angers her younger brother, Blackheart, who had looked up to her in the past and
frequently sided with her in disputes against Daimon. Satana owns a bar called the Body
Orchard, in which her band frequently plays. Her familiar/sometimes lover, Jennifer Kale,
aka Black Cat, tends bar there, along with Jack Russell’s gf, Topaz.

Daimon Hellstorm-Hellstorm actually refuses to join the Sons, believing them to be
deluding themselves into thinking that they are “super heroes” again. Daimon also still has
issues with his heritage, including his siblings, Satana and Blackheart. Hellstorm is a
powerful player, but stays largely within the fringes of the Son’s world, occasionally
stirring the pot for his own means.

Gargoyle-Isaac Christians. Daimon’s manservant and right hand. Christians in everyday
life, resembles a tall, quiet, handsome man in a dark suit. Until he becomes the Gargoyle,
a large, stone-like beast with wings. The Gargoyle is occasionally loaned out to the Sons
by Hellstorm, but can just as easily be put into conflict with them.

John Jameson. The son of Daily Bugle publisher, J. Jonah Jameson, and formerly the
creature known as Man-Wolf, John Jameson’s life has fallen apart. Forced to eke out a
living writing for tabloid magazines, Jameson follows the Midnight Sons, reporting on
their adventures and becoming a Karl Colchak type figure. Eventually, the Sons will
discover him following them. Unknown to the group, Drumm actually owns the tabloid
Jameson works for, and pressures the editor to keep Jameson chronicling the group’s

Dr. Anthony Ludgate-The general public believes that “Dr. Druid” is just another flim flam
psychic tv show host ala John Edwards. What they don’t know is that he is actually the
last heir to the power and knowledge of a lost sect of druids. Ludgate is a powerful
mystic on par with Stephen Strange, and a former pupil of the Ancient One. Ludgate
despises Strange, and all the M Sons, believing them all to be inferior to him.

The Black Talon-voodoo cult that seeks to kill Drumm for revealing their secrets to the
N’Kantu the Living Mummy
Simon Garth the Zombie
Adam Frankenstein
The Darkhold
The Bloodstone
Amulets of Damballah

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