Marvel’s 50 State Initiative

couple of years back Marvel had an idea I really liked, the 50 State Initiative, spreading their massive amount of characters around the country instead of herding them all in New York.  this was the list the last time I checked.  it probably needs updating, though they seem to have abandoned the idea.

shame, as I’d kinda like to see the Gulf Coast Avengers one day.  heh.  😉

List of Teams by State
Teams named so far include:

Arkansas – An unnamed team including Tigra
California – The Order
Colorado – Thunderbolts
Illinois – Spaceknights
Iowa – Force Works
Kentucky – Action Pack (stated as team #15), whose members include Vox, Prima Donna and Frog-Man.
Nebraska – An unnamed team led by Captain Ultra
New York – Mighty Avengers
Pennsylvania – The Liberteens (an updating of the Liberty Legion) who included The Revolutionary, Blue Eagle, Ms. America, Iceberg, Whiz Kid (previously of She-Hulk fame), Hope, & 2-D
Rhode Island – Miles Flatt and his amazing Guitar of Death. The team was originally going to be The New Slingers, but they would rather go to jail (Negative Zone Prison) than to serve in Rhode Island[citation needed]. This is just part of a humorous joke issue. The real Superhero team is not yet revealed
Texas – Rangers
Washington – Earth Force
Wisconsin – Great Lakes Initiative
Unknown – Defenders

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