Der Nachtmenschen

By J. Foster and M.F. Troy

Page 1
Splash page. Baroness Blood is surrounded by Baron Gestapo’s forces. BB has a defiant look on her face.

Caption: Special Agent Griffin Reins reporting in. I have completed initial surveillance on group known as “Der Nachtmenschen.” Here is what I have discovered.

Caption 2: The leader of the group is a female referred to as “Baroness Blood.” She does indeed seem to be descended from European royalty. Rumors have her as a distant relation to the infamous Countess Bathory. Nothing that can be confirmed, of course.

Caption 3: What we do know is that she was once the leader of a rogue squadron of female aviators. These girls gave the Huns fits until Gestapo’s men finally took them down. The Baroness was experimented on in the labs. The fates of the others remain unknown.

Page 2
Panel 1.
Closeup on the Baroness’ face. She is now smiling, her fangs showing. She licks her lips.

BB: “Baby Huey. . .come to mama.”

Panel 2
Baron Gestapo laughs.
BG: “Come now, Baroness! Are we supposed to be afraid of ze Amerikaner cartoon characters?”

Panel 3
Gestapo’s men laughing and joking.
“Ja! Cartoons!”

Panel 4
The brick wall behind Gestapo’s men begins to crumble outward. Their expressions change to shock and surprise.

Page 3
Panel 1
Iron Jaw explodes through the brick wall.
Caption: The creature known as “Iron Jaw” appears to be an amalgamation of sewn together parts. This monstrosity seems to have the brain of a child and is obsessed with American cartoons.

Panel 2
IJ killing Gestapo’s men. He has bitten one of their heads off. Blood flying everywhere. Some are running and screaming. Some are trying to shoot the monster.

Page 4
Panel 1
Nearby, another group of soldiers has a young Jewish girl surrounded. The girl wears a shabby dress. She does not seem to be afraid.

Caption: The girl known only as Lily, is Jewish and is reported to have been pulled out of a concentration camp for the sick experiments. I’m not sure which fate is worse.

Panel 2
The girl smiles as her teeth sharpen, the pupils of her eyes narrow. Her nose and ears lengthen.
Lily: “My teeth and claws are sharp. . .I will use them on my enemies.”

Panel 3
In full wolf form, Lily begins to rip through the soldiers.

Page 5
Panel 1
Several fleeing soldiers happen upon a twenty something young man, very nicely dressed.

Caption: “Erich Van Doorn was a German soldier. He did not appear to be a member of the Nazi party. Apparently he was turned in for being “weak” after refusing to shoot unarmed prisoners. Reportedly, he also spent too much time in the wrong type of bars for his superiors’ liking.”

Panel 2
One of the soldiers screams at Eric.
Soldiers: “Fool! Get out of the way! Ze monster is coming!”

Panel 3
Eric smiles.
Eric: “Do you not recognize me, Gunther? Ja, I know you. You called me weak. You said I lacked the killer instinct. You turned me over to the scientists. Well, I assure you, Gunther, I have plenty of killer instinct now.”

Panel 4
Gunther is surprised.
Gunther: “Eric?! You live.”

Panel 5
Eric has transformed into a half man/half tiger.
Eric: “I assure you, Gunther, I do more than live!”

Panel 6
Eric the tiger man rips through Gunther’s torso!

Page 6
Panel 1
Lily the Wolfgirl tearing through soldiers.

Panel 2
From the opposite direction, Eric the tiger man, makes his way through another batch.

Panel 3
Lily and Eric come face to face, hissing and growling at each other.

Panel 4
Lily and Eric begin to fight!

Page 7
Panel 1
Iron Jaw holding Lily up off of the ground in one hand, and Eric in another as both squirm in his grasp.

Panel 2
Baroness screaming.
BB: “You fools! Stop squabbling with each other! The Baron is getting away!”

Panel 3
Der Nachtmenschen now have BG surrounded in a reversal of the opening page. BG is fearful, yet sneers at his enemies.

BG: ”

Panel 4
BG’s head separates from his body and begins to fly off as a mini rocket.

Page 8
Panel 1
BG’s head rocket flying up into the sky. BG gloats.
BG: ”

Panel 2
BG’s head looks worried as he notices a bazooka shell approaching him.
BG: “NEIN!!!”

Panel 3
Der Nachtmenschen flee into the night.
BB: “It seems we have an ally, somewhere. Let us go, children. Our work is done for now.”

Panel 4.
Agent Reins, standing on a rooftop, his shadow suit blending him back into the background as he holds his smoking bazooka.

“Recommended continued surveillance on Der Nachtmenschen. They could be quite useful to the Allies in this conflict. Agent Reins signing off.”


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