digging up and working on an old story script from 1994.

Opening scene.

It is the middle 1800’s.  Outside of a half-ruined Germanic castle, which is situated at the top of a hill.  It is night and a storm is coming on.  At the foot of the hill, a young man in a tattered military uniform is carrying an unconscious female in a tattered gown up the hill.   The woman is not moving.

He reaches the top of the hill and knocks loudly at the door.  After several moments, the hunchbacked servant, Gregor, answers.  The young man rudely pushes his way psst Gregor and inside.

“Where is he?”

“He does not wish to be-”


Gregor attempts to calm the young man down, but he is not hearing it.

Finally, the owner of the castle, Dr. Clive Collins, appears as if from out of the darkness.

“I am Clive Collins.  Who is this that so rudely enters my home?”

The man appears to grow calm, he tenderly sets the woman down upon a nearby chair and introduces himself.  ‘My name is Gallows.  I am from the village below.  I. . .”

Gallows begins to lose his place, as Collins admonishes him.  “Get to the point, young man, for I am very busy and have no time for foolishness!”

“Your pardon, sir.  I grow weary and hungry.  You see, tonight was to be my wedding night.  I have fought in several wars, and came home to the girl I loved.  We grew up together.  As the day drew near, I began to hear rumors. . .rumors that my beloved was a witch.  I tried to dismiss the rumors, but they were persistent.  My own family. . my own family!  urged me to call off the marriage.  But I refused!

Finally, this very day, as I set out for the wedding chapel, I discovered my wife in her wedding attire in the center of the town, about to be burned at the stake!  I lost control of myself, I gave in to my anger. . .I killed several villagers in my rage. . .finally, I freed her, but she had been stabbed by one of them.  As I took her in my arms, she whispered to me.  To bring her here, to your castle.  That you could help her.

Sir, I plead with you, I care not what goes on in this place. Whether you serve God, the Devil, or some other foul entity I do not know!  Nor do I care! All I ask is that you save my beloved’s life or you will feel my steel pierce your heart!”

Gallows grows quiet then as his eyes continue to blaze, burning holes in Collins’ stoic form.  “I. . .see. Tell me, Mr. Gallows, were you followed here?”

Gallows pauses as he searches his memory.  “I. . .yes,  I believe there was a group of villagers that followed me through the woods.  But they have not yet worked up the courage to climb the hill to your castle.”

“Then it seems we have quite a bit of work to do.”

Gallows springs forward. “Then you will do it?”

“Not so fast, my young friend.”  Collins removes himself from his visitor’s grasp effortlessly.  “First, I require something of you.”

“Name your price. I will pay whatever the cost for her life.”

A wry smile overtakes Collins’ face.  “Good. Good.  Well, then, Mr. Gallows, here is my price:  All I require is that you serve me unquestioningly for the rest of your days.”

Gallows pauses, then turns to look at his wife’s form.  He sighs, then turns back to Collins.  “Very well.  I agree.”

“Then follow me downstairs.  Bring your wife.  We have much work to do.”

Gregor pulls Collins aside. “Master, is this wise?”

Collins sharply slaps Gregor across the face.  “Never question me, fool!”

Gregor recoils as Collins gloats.  “Long have I waited for a pair of specimens such as this! Tonight, at long last, my prayers to the dark gods have been answered!” The storm rages outside as they descend the stairs. . .

Collins’ laboratory

Gallows and his wife are strapped down to two laboratory tables.  There are tubes stretching out from each of them, leading to a large contraption that contains a glass jar in the middle of it.  Dark shapes flit back and forth inside the jar.

Outside, the storm is raging.  The group of villagers remains at the edge of the forest, where they are partially shielded from the downpour.  As they attempt to work up the nerve to approach the castle, a bolt of lightning strikes the highest point!

Having witnessed the castle absorb the lightning strike unharmed, and now hearing some sort of loud noises beginning to emerge from the castle, the villagers turn and run back through the woods, fearful for their lives.

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