Early Kills: Jayne’s Dead Dog

So, this is my very first attempt at sitting down and writing a story.  It’s not very long, it’s probably not very good.  lol.  I was in high school, and I’d just started getting into this whole punk rock thing.  I was trying to figure out what it was all about, and attempted to write something that would appeal to the people I was hanging out with.  I was also reading Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon, so you can see where those influences came together.

Jayne’s Dead Dog


The dog’s head had been severed and carried to another alley across the street. The only sign of what happened a trail of blood leading the way to where it had been. It’s head was a gooey bleeding mass of pulp. The eyes were missing. The skull shattered.

Across the street, the heart and other organs had been cut out and thrown all over. I was walking to Jayne’s house to tell her someone had killed her dog, when I noticed the knife in my hand was dripping wet. I wondered at what this meant. I knocked at the door.

I heard someone inside barking. It was Jayne. It had to be. I lifted the knife upwards. Then, I pushed the door inward. Soon, the barking stopped. Jayne lay still upon the floor. There is red liquid oozing from her body. Just like the red on my knife.

I think I’ll just take a taste of it. Mmmmm. Quite good. I think I’ll have some more.
Oh, Jayne. . .

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