Midnight Sons treatment

this is kind of interesting. ┬áthis is a treatment for Marvel’s various horror characters that I was working on back in Dec. of 2004. This is what I’ve got so far. No plot yet. Just a character list and some ideas. Midnight Sons Ghost Rider-John Blaze. hellfire shotgun. oh yeah. Brother Voodoo-Jericho Drumm. Jericho Drumm… Continue reading Midnight Sons treatment

various DCU ramblings and stuff

The Quintessence Shazam Zeus Highfather Phantom Stranger Ganthet what would their opposite number be? Mordru? Ares Darkseid ??? Krona   DCU magic teams: The Trenchcoat Brigade John Constantine Phantom Stranger Dr. Occult Mr. E Sentinels of Magic Deadman Dr. Occult Sebastian Faust Alan Scott Green Lantern Madame Xanadu Phantom Stranger Ragman Raven Zatanna Enchantress Blue… Continue reading various DCU ramblings and stuff